Friday, June 26, 2015

too much tv video .......& click to see the most beautiful photos you will ever see!

    When I was with NBC News 5 in Chicago and manning the assignment desk (loved it!) for a day or two...I was reminded by the boss man...Walt...not to send more than one crew into any part of the Chicago west side or south side if anything happened.
    That’s after all the tv stations had gotten together and decided sometimes THEY were causing more reaction to a news story because of their notable presence.
    With the recent problems in Ferguson, Mo. and elsewhere I’m not sure that restraint is still practiced today.
    Anyway this post is not really about that.
    This post has to do with the continues showing on the screens of the culprit who shot up the church...making him kind of a teen druggy celebrity if you will.
    I don’t like showing dastardly sick people who commit heinous crimes and then become famous because of tv primarily.  The showing of these people going into court or coming out (only place tv can get such shots) again and again of the same shot 10 seconds is sickening and needs to end.
    This weird kind of celebrity can influence others of the same ilk resulting in copy cat attacks which might not have happened if there wasn’t so much of the footage of the event(afterwards of course) and the crazy who did it.
    Caution in this would be voluntary....but it should be seriously discussed in the television news industry.


    These photos are the BEST I've ever seen.  Grab a glass of something and click below:

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