Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The HOLLYWOOD I lived in and loved! .....and Amber Tamblyn sings? Yep

the very rich...Randolph Scott 
     Stars passing in the day...in cars...on walks...where ever, here are a few.  I love Los Angeles!

...RANDOLPH SCOTT. Walking down a street in Beverly HIlls.. He smiled at me across the street and moved on with his small entourage.  I inquired about him days after seeing him and found out he was one of the richest men in LA....having bought more real estate thru the years than even Bob Hope!

    (mini bio/IMDB)
    Following a critically acclaimed, less-heroic-than-usual role in one of the classics of the genre, Ride the High Country (1962), Scott retired from films. A multimillionaire as a result of canny investments, Scott spent his remaining years playing golf and avoiding film industry affairs.  He died in 1987.

    His roomy in early years of films was none other than Cary Grant! 

JACK LEMMON.  Buying (or trying to buy) produce at the famous Farmers Market near CBS-TV. Poor Jack was spotted by the very young fans...boys and they were bugging him bad.

JULIA ROBERTS.  (as you read earlier probably) she had just bought some stuff in a small produce store next to Diamonds Bakery on LaBrea.  She was at the curb waiting to be picked up.  She turned toward me as I walked to Diamonds after parking the car (family was inside) and watched to see if I recognized her.  Then as I opened the bakery door I realized who it was.  I turned back to look at the street but she had been picked up.  I told everyone I just saw Julia Roberts on the sidewalk...they didn’t believe me.  Of course. My son Chris reports the produce store that Julia came out of is still there.

ALAN LADD.  I had to deliver a package to an office in the LADD building in Beverly Hills.  Stepped into the elevator and came face to face with Alan Ladd.  Well it was his building after all.  Nice guy...great looking, of course, but short.  I was surprised.
Robert Stack...Gene Barry..Tony Franciosa...the "Name Of the Game"
ANTHONY FRANCIOSA.  another delivery.  knocked on his door in a not so fancy apartment building on Beverly Hill’s south side. He finally came to the door...yelled at me to just leave it next time and shut the door in my face.  Married to Shelly Winters but I didn’t get to see her.  Oh well.  He was hot then...involed in “The Name Of the Game” network Sunday night triumvirate of show that rotated starts like Franciosa each week. The other two biggies: Robert Stack and Gene Berry.

VINCENT PRICE, PETER LORRE & GEORGE RAFT..  while picking up mail on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills I had to stop for a box in front of the famous Brown Derby restaurant.
    Surrounding the mail box were these three guys.  Huge...I mean really the biggest stars in the film world.  I smiled...while a bit tense, and ask them politely if they would let me get the mail. They did and they didn’t scare me a bit!  Wow!

YUL BRENNER.  Driving out in the Malibu area on the Ocean highway and zooming around me in his convertible Mercedes was none other then Yul Brenner of the “King And I” fame.  He was on his way to his beach house so I followed him until he made the left turn into his property on the ocean. Waving at everyone and smoking and driving fast.

Robert Vaughn
ROBERT VAUGHN. The “Man From Uncle” was hot when I spotted him in his car driving around the hills above Beverly Hills.  I pulled up along side and waved and he waved...and I shouted “I like your work!”  He said “thanks” and smiled and drove on.

David Morse
 DAVID MORSE.  Starred in "The Rock"  "Hurt Locker" and "Hounddog" and tv's HOUSE.
Since I was a big radio guy with a national talk show the PR gal on duty at Sony Studios allowed all of use to enter and be on our own to see the sites.  Now Sony is really where all the great MGM movies were made. As we were leaving David Morse was walking into the lot.  He smiled and returned our waves.                                                                                                                                                                      
I love...LA!


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