Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kate's Baby cuties.....and PHAROAH the Great!

Pharoah...the GREAT!

     .....So I wanted to put two things on this post but I didn’t know which to led with.

    Sine baby’s take precedence over horses...even great horses........
    Here we go.

    Kate takes great might have a future there Katie!

    We finally get to see little Princess Diana (that’s my name for her) with her eyes wide open.  Wonder how Mommy managed that?
In my opinion...little Prince George does not look happy now that he has competition.

    Anyway...these ARE great pics(thanks Kate)
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    What can one say about this great horse Pharoah!
I get such a kick out of the fawning and reverence...he’s just a really fast horse! 
    Right...even not being into racing I can still be thrilled by a super duper winner!

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