Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Just what are YOU watching!....Reese on a fast ride! Nick Clooney's crazy stories.....

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....I flipped the cable on and there’s cute little Reese Witherspoon on a roller coaster with her boyfriend and they are not doing something nice.  Well that depends on who’s viewing.
     Mother placing snacks in front of tv
    “Mommy what are they doing?”
Mom glances at the tube and realizes this teen couple was not just hanging on for fear of the speed.
“They are just holding on tight so they won’t fall out!”

    Bet the kid(s) never bought it.

    Reminds me of the story Nick Clooney told me in the  50’s...about a couple driving down the road when the girl decides to do something nice for her boyfriend driving.
    She slides over... sticks her head down and unzips and goes to work.
    All is fine until the climax of the story when his light turns red and he can’t move and crashes into another car.
    Then we see the police officer standing over the driver asking “and did this happen?”Now that scene of course was later made very famous with Steve Martin and Mary Streenburgen in the movie “Parenthood.”
    But that movie came out in 1989 and Nick told me about the scene in late 50’s.  So where did he get that?
    Same with his comment that “we were just a big ant hill waiting to get stepped on” 
    Even Google couldn’t help me there.
Of course I could ask him but he hasn’t spoken to me for about 20 years.  Long time for a grudge Nick...about something I had NOTHING to do with.

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