Monday, June 8, 2015

Is Obama out of touch...or maybe afraid of ISIS?

British SAS

 Obama thinks Putin is a danger...while he ignores the head chopping crazies that would ruin Europe!

       I feel like I'm back in the 30's screaming at the radio that someone has got to stop Hitler....but no one hears me.  Same today...nobody hears (or reads) me!
    ....Big wow!  so somebody at the CIA (not the Wolf!) or at the Pentagon has decided the way to beat the Isis idiots is to (hold your breath) train the Syrians to fight them.  I could fall to the floor laughing.

    I’m sorry.  The way to beat the crazies is to send in the 82nd airborne...and the big Red 1 and etc etc and just plaster all the countries the Isis are in with nothing but huge forces that will scare the hell out of em!

    But you one’s in charge who can figure that out.  That’s from Obama on down.
    Put friendly forces in Yemen, Syria, Jordan (love that Queen) Iraq.....and just all over that area and see how fast the head choppers run for their lives!
    Earlier in a post about our poorly defined efforts to fighting these guys I mention bunch of units and I still say...send em all in. Force the nut cases back to the African jungle or wherever they came from.
And move some units around in Texas and see if any of these nut cases show up for a fight.  I doubt they are even here.
    Just my thoughts,'s another great idea...the King of Jordan hires the "Wolf" who Obama fired and puts his expertise back to work (with or without Maya) doing what he does best.

Hal has some thoughts.

" Part of the problem is that our military leaders are good soldiers. They take orders from non-military, self-styled geniuses and, as required by duty and law, obey them. 
We never seem to learn to let the military lead the military with proper civilian control. Meddling in military operations after legitimate goals have been established by civilian leadership never works. Recent history, as well 65 years of such meddling by politicians, should prove that it won't work.
Tell the military what you want done, tell,them of any weapons or other limitations, then turn loose of the steering wheel and see how efficiently success can be obtained."                                                     _____________________
Interesting that TWO articles have hit major newspapers in the week or telling us about the NAVY SEALS and the other about THE BRITISH S A S.

Here's the S A S writeup:

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