Sunday, June 14, 2015

ATTENTION!...You too Obama!.

        ....In my sleep I was dreaming that someone...military type of high rank was ordering me to stand to attention.
    I jerked out of the sleep opened my eyes and there he full medals and battle array with the pearl pistols still in their place but ready for action at any moment.
    “General Patton?”
“You got that right mister.  General George S. Patton
    “Your’e a Major correct?
Yes...that’s my name”
    “Well you have to pay attention as I outrank you and anybody else around here.
    Yes sir.
    this guy...this President Obama, is it,
    He needs to get off his sorry ass and lead the men into battle to save Europe and the middle east.
    I know...I’ve been saying that...
    I hear you Major...send in the troops...send in all the troops.
        they don't need to be back here in the states guarding laundrymats...they need to do some serious head chopping themselves
    “I heard FDR was here to visit you and admitted what I’ve said for years...we should have killed  HITLER back in the in 30’s....
    Well...tell Obama this is the same thing and we are a great nation with fine men and women of the Armed Forces who want that action now,  Dont let him diddle sending over hunreds...send thousands!
    He’ll have his legacy a big way plus the thanks of millions for doing the job right!
    ....and with that the ghostly presence of General Patton disappeared from my bedroom.
    “I shrugged and said out load to nobody...
I’ll just keep trying!

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