Thursday, June 4, 2015

.....Jose's charge at the Cubs WILL cost him! & Stanton's painting sells for a fortune

Here and there

        ....I had a craving for something that’s hard to find now....(lots of closings in eateries here) but I thought I’d take a shot and drive a few miles to Miami Subs...near a big Target on our huge business street....University Blvd.
    Miami Subs of course specializes in sandwiches which are pretty good.  But they also have a couple of things you may not find anywhere else...”Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips”...and “Nathan's Hot Dogs”.
    I wanted some delicious Nathan's french I was happy to see they were still in business.  You never know down here.
    I got my two “large” to go and ate half of them in the car going home!
    Everything changes but everything stays the same...isn’t that a song title?

    Last night at the Cubs-Marlins “dustup” where both teams cleared the benches and met at home plate but nobody threw a punch...thank god because our all star pitcher who’s been out all season and a much of about to take the mound again and he was leading the pack to the Cubs.  But just some cross words were spoken and nothing much happened. I did find out though if you are on the DL you can’t take the field...not even for this kind of festive Jose Fernandez will be fined for doing that.  He’ll survive.
    The Marlins had their annual charity auction and there was an artist (regular job...a janitor)painting a large portrait of home run slugger Giancarlo Station.  He finished just in time before the end of the game and someone....nobody knows who...paid $25,000 for the thing!  Wow. That’s correct...Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous paid $25,000 for it.  Wonder if Stanton will autograph it for them! More on the auction in the next few days.....Ichiro had a bunch of stuff he donated so the calls from Japan must have been intense.

    We won’t be getting new material from our friend Hal...the powers that be think he is important enough to move him someplace close to the real heavy hitting dudes who are in the process of saving our country and maybe everyone else's.
    Be patient...we’ll use some previous writings from time to time.

    Hillary’s bought some ads on the internet.  You think she’ll place any on Drudge???? Ha!

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