Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'm seeing some "collusion" in the anti BW writings on Google. also..Young white girls missing from Florida.

     On Brian Williams......I find it VERY intriguing that there are condescending comments all over Google...and it’s beginning to look like they could be organized.
    Now who would benefit from Brian's demise from NBC News.  Surely not ABC or CBS!
    So in their spare time they just MIGHT be some employees of those two networks news divisions who are not spending time getting news but trying to “embellish” getting rid of Williams.
    Not unheard of in our  business.

    ....You guys seen a drone yet?  I haven’t.
Do they fly at night with or without lights?
    Inquiring minds need to know.

    ...A lot of young white girls go missing in Florida.
If you saw the movie TAKEN you have a pretty good idea of what happens to them.
    I have had the sad experience to know two parents who have lost a daughter.
    One was right here near me...in fact the teen's car was found parked at a Diary Queen about three blocks south of here. Her father ran one of  those mail centers and the daughter used to work there at times.
    She was also a waitress not far from here in a fairly fancy part of town and reportedly left work at the normal time...with her boyfriend (maybe) never clear on that..parked her car at the DQ...took her belongings and has NEVER been seen or heard from since.  This story was on the Walsh TV program several times.
    The other story hits very close to home and happened in St. Petersburg, Fl to a fellow radio worker who happened to be a Psychic on the air.  The daughter was much younger...probably not yet a teen and up and disappeared one day out of the blue.  My friend came by crying and we sat down and I tried comforting her.  She thought the girl might have contacted me and my girlfriend because we got along so well...but I had heard nothing. 
    She also vanished into thin air.
    Now you could put these down as a possible runaways, especially the older teen.
    But I have my doubts.  I think runaways have a record of contacting home eventually to set the parents mind at ease.  That apparently didn’t happen in either case.
    Police think the Bahamas is the first destination of a kidnapped or missing girl. It is a short boat ride away.
    There are no easy answers....for anyone.  Just trauma and sadness.


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