Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Supream Court seems to have picked Hillary? Is this payback for not picking Gore? Married to a cop?...check below

What the wives say....click below!

    ...The Supreme Court just gave Hillary the White House!
    All we see now is a bunch of GOP candidates choosing up sides on the court’s issues.  Most of them making asses of themselves.... can you say Donald Trump?

    You don’t see that on the Democrat side do you.
    That doesn’t mean it’s right it just adds to the confusion of too many also ran Republicans trying to win the White House....an most of them mouthing off about something which is very private between two or more people and should stay that way.  the only quiet and considered candidate on the right was Jeb Bush but he can’t beat Hillary and nobody else can either....not even Biden should he decide to jump into the fray.
Drudge searches desperately for the right, right winner but he won’t find it.  They’re aren’t any.

    And speaking of Jeb Bush...why are some of the national media  trying to focus his candidacy not on what he did in two terms in  Florida as a good Governor...but something dark about past business stuff.  They aren’t doing that with anyone else.....and believe me there are enough dudes running that some of them probably have bigger “business” problems to explore than Jeb.

    Well...it’s going to be a long year until NEXT November 2016.

    10 Realities Of Being Married To A Police Officer
Next time you see a cop....think about this....
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