Tuesday, June 16, 2015

.. seems even our Generals don't want to help the Middle East!

Fleeing Isis....this may be a Pulitzer winning photo
               The special forces (including our friend Hal) are succeeding, in a way, eliminating one by one certain Isis leaders and it may work.  It is a slow and painful process for both sides.

It IS a shame it has to be done "piece-meal" when all those fine members of the 82nd Airborne...the Big Red One etc sit in their barracks waiting and wanting to do the job right.

However.....even the military brass is holding back....this below from a recent White House discussion of our involvement over Iraq:

As President Obama was weighing how to halt Islamic State advances in Iraq, some of the strongest resistance to boosting U.S. involvement came from a surprising place: a war-weary military that has grown increasingly skeptical that force can prevail in a conflict fueled by political and religious grievances.

So...maybe I've been too hard on Obama.

Here's another story from another problem area Syria.....and the ONLY way to stop this is with massive American troops.

Quoting Obama on Syria:

 Thousands of foreign jihadists are still flooding into Syria to fight, US President Barack Obama warned Monday, as he urged greater efforts to halt the flow, particularly through the porous Turkish border

MY suggestion again....the 82nd Airborne! Send them over...have them guard the borders.

   Surely the American  Generals who don't want our massive involvement wouldn't mind the troops having a little guard duty? Or is it better to keep them at Ft. Bragg?


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