Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NBC News will NOT fire Brian Williams......Selena can make more pics in Monte why!

                            See I got Selena’s pic in...not Brian Williams (say thank you Stan!)

    Again....there is really nothing to report on William's except... NBC HAS confirmed he will not be fired...but be retained to do something else other than anchor the nightly news. comments remain:

Name him chief correspondent for the Presidential campaign.  All the candidates are guilty of “embellishing” so Brian should feel right at home!
Make him one of the new keys for the new NBC News1 channel that replaces the crummy MSNBC crap.
    As I said earlier NBC is the ONLY one of the big three have it’s own cable channel
CBS doesn’t....ABC doesn’t.  So make it an all news channel and that will help rebuild the image of NBC news from the Brian stupidity.
    NBC News 1...sounds good huh?
Get rid of all the talk stuff that bores everyone to death....all the bleeding hearts and the Fox news wannabes in short skirts...(the higher they are... the higher the ratings are...right guys?)
    Do it Lackman....FAST.

Some really good news today.

    Monaco has dropped fees for filming there.....that means more movies from Monte Carlo!
    Wow...probably the best place to make a movie...
count em...starting with Selena’s “Monte Carlo” and all the way back to Grace Kelly and “To Catch a Thief”.
    Boy.... I will look forward to scenes of splendor from the Rivera...instead of smoggy skies in LA.

    Here’s the story:

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