Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stan the "Oil Man" would you believe!

A flying car....great get the creeps off the road in front of me!

....this is NOT a Fusion or Sonata believe me!
The first “flying car” I’ve seen...or at least a pic of one.’s pretty ugly isn’t it?  I think they have some more work to do on it.
click below for more info:


   ....Couple of things you didn’t know about me
one now and another later in a few posts.

I’m in the oil business!.  That’s right..I (along with a niece in Arizona) own three gas wells in Oklahoma.
We get a check from the really big, really huge, Chesapeake Oil Company once a year.  My total is about $20.00...don’t know what hers is...probably about the same.
Chesapeake once offered to buy the three small producing wells from us..with a grand offer of about $200 to each owner!  Who says the oil business is profitable!

...I must say “thanks” to the ABC-TV sports crew at the Miami-FSU game Saturday night.
In that great first half when the Hurricanes ran the number 1 college team(FSU) off the was exciting.  23 to nothing before FSU made a point.  
But we actually got to see a bunch of shots of the Hurricane cheerleaders...legs and all!  Wow. So...just like old times there for a few minutes...the Canes whipping FSU and the tv guys giving us great cheerleader reaction to the action!

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  1. Miss Brent Musburger for the same reasons. Say what you want about his play by play, but he had a good eye for the ladies...