Friday, November 7, 2014

partners against crime.....

      ....In response to my “list” of sexy females...our friend Hal says:

“Having worked with too many female cops, I learned to get past the sexy (too distracting, safety-wise) and concentrate on the working relationship. 
   The closest I ever came to having an affair was over before I knew it. When, Suzie, the one female cop with whom I worked, who was truly a splendid combination of competency and sexy to boot... left to go to a federal law enforcement job she told me, "I wish I had met you before you married. I never expected to be so attracted to a married man 
who I could be in love with." I looked her in the eyes, told her I was no movie idol. I asked why she felt that attraction. 
Suzie’s response? 
"You treated me as an equal without ever being patronizing. You have power, but you never used it inappropriately with me or others. You shared 
many hours as a friend, mentor and gentleman. You would look me in the eyes and call me 'Partner'. If you had ever hinted, I'd have taken you home with me for the rest of my life."
At the end of her last watch, I gave her a quick kiss on the right cheek, stepped back to see a huge smile on her face and said, "Take care of yourself, Partner." And we parted company.
“Some things still make this old man smile.”

Hooray...the post office will deliver packages on Sundays during the holidays!

here’s the story...just click for the good news

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