Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The WHISTLE DUCKS have returned!

If no pic...cick on frame to see ducks!

    ....The “Whistle Ducks have returned!

   I spotted them last year and wondered what they were.  I did some research and the closest I could come was “Whistle Ducks” and they are a pair of beauties.
   The come down from the north...don’t know where...I asked but they didn’t answer.  Research says maybe the Carolinas...or northern Florida...or possible even further north!
I spotted them feeding late at night...which is what whistle ducks do.  They get their name because they supposedly “whistle” when they eat.  My old ears didn’t pick that up.  I had time so I told them their name.
“ guys are “whistle ducks!  That’s your name “Whistle Ducks”.    They listened..probably had been called that before by someone a lot smarter than me.
It’s just a pair...male and female and they apparently like this complex with it’s small ponds and fast growing grass. They don’t swim much...I saw one in the water yesterday for the first time...when the sun of out making the water a bit more palatable.
The picture above is as close as I could come to color.  Unlike our other ducks here...which are all black and not very attractive...these guys are a cream with tan or light brown and they look like they’d just flown in from Disneyworld.
They’ll be here for awhile...then disappear until next fall.  I hope I’ll be around to see them again.


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