Sunday, November 2, 2014


....The Neil Rogers restoration guys have been doing quite a job of finding and placing on thier website what is the most complete listing of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale radio show hosts basically and good ones!

“The Neil Rogers Audio Restoration Project is the work of a collection of fans dedicated to preserving the memory of radio's Neil Rogers. Our primary goal is locating and sharing audio files. In addition to Neil Rogers, the archive includes audio from other Florida radio icons 
...such as Bob Lassiter, Stan Major, Ron Bennington, Glen Hill (The Bird) .”
and a long list including:

Bill Calder (friend & favorite of Neil’s)
Bill Tanner
Craig Worthing
Ernie Sochin
Joey Reynolds
Mike Spindell
Randi Rhodes
Rick & Suds
Bob Lassiter
& others......

Please visit and click on your choice

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