Monday, November 3, 2014

Chris' "audition" at Nick Studios

     Chris’ “audition” (of sorts) at Nickelodeon at Universal Orlando.

His remembrances:

“All I remember is it was for a commercial for the network. Ken Foree the actor came in at some point and I got to say hi to him but didn't realize who he was until later. He played the Dad on Kenan and Kel, one of their biggest shows at the time.”

“And...yeah I'm pretty sure when the lady running the casting asked me why I wanted the part, I told her  that my parents insisted I come.   Haha.”

Then we sat in the audience for the “Guts” show?

Chris again....

“Yeah it was called GUTS or GLOBAL GUTS. I think we might have sat in the crowd while filming actually.”

So the trip to Orlando wasn’t a total loss...we slipped out a back door from the Nick studios right into Universal for FREE...where we spent the rest of the day!

Seeing Marina Towers in Chicago last night...close up for the Skywalk reminded me of my years living there on the 52nd floor.  That was 1966-67...the the place we used to call “Marina City” is STILL a standout for Chicago..... and one of the most (if not the MOST) photographed structures in the world...not just Chicago.

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