Tuesday, November 25, 2014

They're at it again tonight. Lot's of WHITES marching...interesting.

Ferguson bbc

                    Been there...seen that...as my blog post sort of says...

My son, Chris, at the ripe old age of 26....was excited last night.
“This is just like the 60’s!”  he proclaimed as we observed the events taking place in Ferguson, Mo. and elsewhere.
Now he was witnessing something that he had only heard or read about in his textbooks. He loves the 60’s although he did not live thru that tumult like his Dad.  The killing of the two Kennedy's and Dr. King.  The marches and the riots and the fires that ensued. The 68 Democratic convention and the police scramble in Grant park.  The Chicago seven.
Yes the memories, for me, are there. Being with NBC News in Chicago and watching from our windows in the Merchandise Mart as the fires engulfed portions of the west side.  In Milwaukee as the APC’s with the Wisconsin National Guard rolled through our streets...just like they did through Europe in the 40’s.
He likes “Mad Men” a a popular show that is based on all those 60’s historical events.
There was a lot not to like back then...but despite all that stuff going on...it WAS a great era.
Rock music evolved quickly after Elvis did his thing...and how about the “British Invasion” and the Beatles...who dominated all the charts. We had for a time the Camelot life of the Kennedy's and Jack and Jackie and how could you deny the fascination with that.
But getting back to last night...without denigrating or demeaning the essence of the reasons behind the violent reactions to the Grand Jury decision it looked to one who has been there...me..that it was time again to “let off steam” about the way things had been going. 
How long that will go on and what the end result will be no one knows.
My son was, in his own small way,  part of the drama that up to last night...was just history to him.


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