Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We're hot in the UKRAINE! and my secret is out.....

really rich kid!

   ...This blog seems popular in the Ukraine which is fine...but Vald won’t like it!  Cmon on Vlad...loosen up...we’ve had a lot of Russians checking it also. 44 from the Ukraine yesterday and three from England.  That would be two in the Palace and one at MI6.
now... how about this:  
I’m a preacher.  
That’s right.  On one of my talk shows somewhere...sometime...I decided for fun I’d send in $20 (I think it was) answering an ad in one of the tabloids to be certified as a minister.
They sent me my license to “pray” etc. and for a few weeks I called myself “Reverend Stan.” 
Didn’t raise any money with it...just a tongue-in-cheek gambit to show everyone how easy it was to become a certified minister.  Dropped the whole thing shortly.

If you wondered whether I’d boast about GC Stanton’s new paydays well this is it.  Stanton...who should have won the Most Valuable Player award...not that pitcher who already won his award...will make a bunch of money...so here’s the story on it all:

Better than winning the lotto!


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