Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Gold Star Pin and we have MORE Whistle Ducks!

Gold Star Pin

    On this Thanksgiving a repost on this and an update on the Whistle Ducks!
...the Gold Star Pin...
    I never realized this existed until I saw the tv spot that just “knocks me out” every time.
    I am an emotional human being and I wait for the Army officer in full uniform to stop and salute the young man wearing the Gold Pin.
     I have tears as I write this.
    We have no one in my family who was lost in any war or Father served in both world War I and World War II.
    My brother-in-law Frank was in the Navy in WW2 and I myself served during the Korean War. 
    We all came back home safe and sound.

 Here is the official page for you to find out what this is all about:


   Whistle Duck update.

There are now either 4 or 6 whistle ducks visiting here from somewhere up north! 
     WE still have the two originals and a few days ago I counted six swimming together on one of the the small ponds they have selected for their winter home. 
      I called out to they know their name.  They turned toward me while seemingly treading water (if ducks do that?).
Then last night on my walk I didn’t see a sign of them but called out anyway and was answered by a loud “screech” which I guess could be what the “whistle” sounds like. The last time I was answered by an animal was a fox up at our Stone House Farm in Illinois.  That was at night too and if you’ve never heard what a fox howl sounds like you wouldn’t believe it.  It sounds like it is hurt and in extreme distress but that’s just fox talk. It will startle you!
Anyway this afternoon there were four pretty brown Whistle Ducks swimming together and again they responded when I called them by name.
They like it here.

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