Sunday, November 2, 2014

Good advice from a former "King"....

The Duke and that woman!

...the ghost of Winston Churchill paid me a visit last night.
He had a distinguished guest:
“Mr. Major” intoned Churchill, “I would like you to meet  the Duke of Windsor!”
“Of  course, sir” ...I replied “I recognize him!”
“Thank you Mr. Major” replied the Duke.
He continued... 
“I come with a message for the current heir to the throne...Prince William and the lovely Duchess of Cambridge whom you call “Kate”.
“Please tell William not to make the same mistake I abdicating my responsibilities.  He must and should be a great King of England!”
“I will sir.  and thank you” I replied.
...and with that both men faded away into history....and I smiled about the “Kate” reference and went back to sleep.

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