Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Roy Clark, Roger Miller and an empty Walmart!

Hi, I'm Glen Campbell & Roger Miller & Roy Clark
I’m a Roy Clark fan! 
His “Yesterday When I Was Young” brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it.
Our friend Hal once witnessed what must have been the Roy Clark/Roger Miller “SHOW OF SHOWS...all off the top of their heads.

Hal says:
“The best show Roy Clark ever did was an impromptu gig at the late Roger Miller's...King of the Road Inn in Nashville way back in the late 60s (?).  
Whoever was supposed to appear in the lounge canceled. 
He and Miller took over...and put on the loosest, but most memorable free range show of music I've ever heard. If there was a song they knew 
but didn't play (and several they may not have known, but played anyway) I would've been surprised. 
I'd always been a fan of Roy Clark, guitar picker 
extraordinaire, but I was amazed at the other instruments he could play and play well that night (horns, other strings, and double dipping spoons from a gravy bowl). 
Well fueled with something other than the local water, Clark & Miller proceeded to tear through the music. As the evening progressed toward the dawn, the challenge went out to the audience to toss a word to them and they'd make up a song right then and there. Damn shame no one had a chance to record it. 
Clark made reference to the impromptu show on a live album he released a few years later, remarking that he and Miller used to perform regularly together until the health department made them cut it out!”


...and last but certainly NOT is a story that will make your day!  
I kidd you not (as Jack Paar would say).  
   What does a town do when the big old Walmart sits vacant.  Just ask the folks in McAllen, Texas.  Read on and be thrilled:

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