Sunday, November 23, 2014

HONG KONG is still best (I'll bet!)

     ...My son, Chris, recommended that I tell everyone why I think Hong Kong is the greatest city in the world.
Remember my time frame here...1966 and 69-70.
I don’t have any idea about the China take- over and what’s changed.
But just landing at HK airport starts the excitement.  You don’t see the runway or the are coming down over water and you would think that’s where you’re headed!  The runway and terminals are ahead of the can’t be seen and that’s why you get that impression. You see a few shanties right before you feel the bump of the runway.
Then you come out of the terminal and are just engulfed in what can only be called a pleasant atmosphere of people, cars, bikes, police directing traffic, food stalls of all kinds and you realize all of the sudden that this city is an alive city...a thriving city with residents, tourists, business and shops just filled to the ceilings with good stuff at great prices.
After checking into the Mandarin Hotel I called the NBC News bureau and the bureau chief invited me to meet him at the Hong Kong Foreign Press  Club for lunch.  I had two things on my agenda before enjoying the goodies of the island.  First...NBC NEWS anchor in Chicago, Floyd Kalber, had asked me to pick out a nice jade bracelet for his wife.  That would be no problem as jade was everywhere.
The second chore was a bit rougher.  I needed a bunch dental work and had been told get it done in’s cheaper and the better dentists are trained in the states.  The bureau chief had a name and address and added this guy trained at Harvard! Can’t go wrong there, huh.
After a couple of trips to see the Doctor I finally had time for myself. The Mandarin Hotel was so fabulous I could have just hung out there...but I wanted to get out and see the sights...drink the the food (some of it) and check out the girls.
Girls presented a problem.  Not because they weren't attractive or available (yes to both) but because Hong Kong hotels at the time (and in times past) held to the British rule of no single females allowed to “visit” a male staying there. So this put in crimp in that kind of relaxation for me.  I did end up sneaking a few in so the week was a total loss. You guys might want to check this out now...could be WORSE with the Chinese in charge (or...could be better)
   All in all it was a great city and I’ll always see it that way.

Here is a great website...The Lonely Planet.

check it out:

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