Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pilot landing at Miami..passengers onboard...calls in! Runway 3-3

        You are not gonna believe what you are about to hear.  I still can’t believe it and it’s been years and years.
I was rolling along toward the end of my double digit rated talk show on WINZ Miami and called for our last spot break.
But the board operator overruled me and I’m thankful he did.

“Go to line three...line three!"  he shouted...into my headset.

I went to line three and what you hear now may be a first and last in talk radio history...

click here and be amazed:

   This reminds me of the guys in the control tower in Kansas City who used to listen to my talk show at night to stay awake!
They invited me out one day...for a look-see at what they do.
That was fascinating!

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