Wednesday, November 5, 2014

here's where the JOBS are. Go to work right away.

JOBS.  There are two places you can work...probably right now:

1. North Dakota oil fields(or connected jobs)
2. Security...guarding something or someone.
The security jobs sector has increased by 20 percent,,,four times faster than other job positions.
here’s the it... get off your butt and go to work:


WALNUTS? fight the big bad “A”
..hey I thought it was chocolate!
Well...I’ll search around for a recipe that makes Chocolate Walnut pie or something and just eat to my hearts(?) content.
I’ll finish it off with red California Cabernet Sauvignon wine for my colon...and should be in top shape for a long time coming!
Here’s the “walnuts” story:


Big Mac trying to come back after profits drop.
I see the latest move in my local McDonalds.  Signs up on all the cash registers (is that a double entendre or what) proclaiming ALL MEALS FIVE DOLLARS.
I looked up at the meals lineup which IS extensive and some meals even priced above $7.00...and I ask:
“all those meals up there” pointing to the almost a dozen or maybe more...and he said yes.  I said that was great. The price holds most of the day until 11PM according to the new signs.
Check your local big Mac place to see for yourself.

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