Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'll bet you'd like to see the hospital where I was born! Read the posts and see the picsof my life.

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    ....So what really goes into those very high priced sauces at the make them so expensive?  I saw some for $9.19 a bottle...more for about $8.00.
There must be some really expensive ingredients here...for a normal size bottle of pasta sauce to cost that kind of money. “gold plated” sauce...I call it.  Maybe someday when I win the lotto I’ll try them...just to see if they’re any better than the norm...some of which are pretty damn good for a couple of bucks or even buy one get one free!

Speaking of Mom’s sauce from Italy...I guess you’ve seen those lovely arial shots of the coastline towns in places like Italy...Greece...Mexico etc.
I love those shots...but then I start thinking of the beaches and areas where the tourists go to enjoy themselves...and I wonder...where does all the sewage from these crowded towns go?  We have a lot of rules and regulations about that in Florida and California...but I wonder what the system is in the Mediterranean...or wherever on the Islands.  Hope I didn’t ruin it for you! 
Some of MY history here:

                      The hospital where I was born...Paris, Ill.

     My High School in Effingham, Ill

                               The Rosilyn Cafe in downtown, Effingham
                           best Coconut Cream Pie in the whole world!

.....enjoy Kenny Rogers  “20 Years Ago”

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