Friday, November 28, 2014

Putin plays hockey and SCORES in ratings!

Putin on ice (red)

Way to go Vlad!
        Approval rating inside Russia 88%.  Obama’s is somewhere in the 60’s?  I think.
What did Putin do to deserve this?  A war or more helps.  Putting Obama in his place also helps.  Playing ice hockey doesn’t hurt.
Now he could score big OUTSIDE Russia if he’d just give my Dad his well deserved medal for building the airstrips in Persia in WW2 so the planes could fly food and supplies to besieged Leningrad and Stalingrad!

When I first went to Vietnam to do "hometowners" I had to feel my way to find the best way of getting as many guys interviewed as possible.  
I soon  realized all I had to do was make a sign"if you are from St. Louis, Philly, New Orleans etc" and stand near the largest PX's and I cleaned up.
  Only two other things the military wanted me to do. Get some go aboard a carrier(Hancock) and interview a handful with them...tour the ship etc. They never told me about the catapult "grabber" on landing. Damn near died. They gave me a break on take off...did it normally.
The other favor was tough...a hospital.  I talked to several guys...the last one was brutal.  He was from St Louis.  When I got back to Chicago there was a message from the GM at KMOX St. Louis saying he had received word that the boy had died.  His parents heard the interview and contacted the GM who made a special copy for them.  
     Son's last words.  


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