Monday, February 23, 2015

50 Years ago...I said legalize "pot" and tax the hell out of it! .....Same for Casinos and Lotteries!


....It only took FIFTY years!
I started doing radio talk shows around 1966.  Back then I took a strong stance for legitimizing pot..and taxing the hell out of it.’s happening.
    I never smoked the “wicked weed”.  It’s not that I was a just that I hate to inhale.  I’ve smoked cigarettes and cigars my whole life with never inhaling.  I get just as much pleasure as any smoker does...and I never really had to worry about my lungs much.
    But my point is...what if the current movement to legalize had taken form back in the 70’s...80’s....etc and we had all that billions and billions of tax dollars over those years.  It boggles the mind what we could have done with that.
    I see the lotteries now too...which I always advocated...along with the casinos.
    I feel somewhat vindicated in all this...but regret that it has taking this long...almost half a lifetime to see these results. 
    You might have been possible with tax dollars from pot alone to totally fund our public colleges...and  we’d have no problem with the asinine student loan situation that forces kids to work years to pay back what should have been FREE college education.
    Oh well.  Here are those terrible words again
    “What might have been.” case you missed this link (during the Oscars) it is again.
    Big tobacco’s comeback

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