Saturday, February 7, 2015

...waiting for baseball

RANIA (again)
       Jordan update:  My source responded to a few e-mails yesterday confirming he had “passed through Amman, Jordan on his way to who knows where. His mail is censored so I was a bit surprised they let that thru.  One of the things he did say was he thought the King there had a lot of “brass” in his battle against the crazies.  I said he could have the King...I’d take the Queen anytime!!!  wow.  Beauty AND smarts...RANIA is something.

    ....This is the worst time of the year for me.
Not only does the weather suck big time...even down here in the “Sunshine State”...but if one is not into basketball or is starved for football (gone) and baseball (too far off).
    So...I have my new HD tv and I turn to my old favorite dvd’s...Winds of War and Joan of Arcadia.  They were made before HD so basically they look just the same.
    About Joan of I’ve written several times I can not believe one of the networks hasn’t revived that fine show.  Amber Tamblyn is to old and chubby for the teenage high school girl who hangs with “God” or vice versa....but I’m sure they could cast someone acceptable.  Selena Gomez would be good. (For other things also!)
    It would surely be better than the crap we will see with the  car smashes and gunplay with cops or whatever on our networks in the coming year.
    On Winds of War...a network would be smart to run it again...right out of the boxes from whence it became famous.
    You just can’t imagine how this country came to a stop when another hour of WoW came on.  It was as if we were all mesmerized by each and every episode with Pug and Pamela...Hitler and Roosevelt and Churchill.
    Anyway...I wish I could go to sleep and wake up when the Marlins are in spring training!

    I stepped outside my apartment and guess what I saw in the grass nearby.  A huge and I do mean huge brown Whistle Duck!
    I spoke to him...”Hi whistle duck” and he stood up and actually spread his wings as if responded to me.  The wing span was a really big surprise and I’d love to see these guys fly in the air but they never do that until they are ready for take off back to the north.
    Then...he just lied down to take nap...right near my patio.
    .....and me without a camera! Damn.

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