Saturday, February 28, 2015

If DC can MECCA!

   ....I had a lapse of judgment and made the right turn to go east on Atlantic Avenue in Coral Springs past terrorist Mohamed Atta’s old apartment building... and..yep...he appeared in my passenger seat again.
    “Greeting”s he said.
    “Oh Christ” I replied...not again.
    “Christ was a Muslim”   
    “sure he was...not Jewish...right?”  He ignored me.
    “Seems you’ve been having some problems with this  Isis lately!” he continued.“The sheik was correct...the battle will continue for 100 years!”
    “The sheik is a dead dummy...we dumped his body in the ocean and we’ll do the same for Isis” I argued.
    “Isis is smart.  This time all of Washington D.C. could disappear!” he warned.
    I thought this over for a second.
    “Mecca can disappear too you know.” 
But Atta was gone too. the seat was empty.’s what happens when you make a wrong turn sometimes.

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