Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Trying to get mistake! Best cartoons on lying Brian

   My confession.

by Stan Major..NBC News Vietnam 69-70

    Seems Brian Williams likes to make things up to impress all as to his power to shape the news he’s reading.
    Can you just see David Brinkley...Walter Cronkite or Chet Huntley doing what Williams did and returning to the evening news desk as if nothing had changed?  Maybe...maybe not.
    As a former NBC News correspondent I would not have the nerve to show up for work at 30 Rock....having been “discovered” falsifying my news.
    I made a boo-boo while in Saigon....covering a Vietnam Representive who was being arrested by the police.  It would be a front page story everywhere so I talked back to the lead cop and he challenged me,
    ”you want to go go with him. you want to get arrested and go with him.”..(meaning the rep) and I thought to myself...I could get front page coverage on this I shouted “yes” and he obliged me by putting me in the police van with the rep.
    I was front page news the next day...but thankfully the Ambassador got me released very quickly.  I did witness the beating of a ABC News cameraman who happened to be Korean  (some ethnic hatred there) at the police station and quietly described it into my cassette recorder for broadcast later.  So the effort to make the news for my own benefit died when that was run on the network as a special report.
    But my discretion was nothing compared to Brian Williams. if you haven’t had enough of all this...The Washington Post has some cartoons on it which are pretty good. 

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