Sunday, February 1, 2015

Stan's found a new "hottie"...Hal hates football....we've got the best of the best SuperBowl spots ever!

Sarah Wayne Callies...THE WALKING DEAD (TV)
                  She's kinda like Julia Roberts in a way....and that, of course, caught my eye!
     Julia looked that good (BM)...before Moder.
I don't like "The Walking Dead"...if she's on camera I mute the audio and just enjoy the view of her face!

Our friend Hal doesn’t like football.  For different reasons than you would guess.

    Says Hal:

    "You're gonna hate me, but I'm not a football enthusiast. To me, football is a game based on theories of war, played mostly by war imitating amateurs.
    It is not the sport that I don't like.  It is those who act as if their lives depend upon the outcome of merely a game.
    If warriors such as the likes of Rocky Bleier or Pat Tillman, men who really "put it on the line" and really are heroes, played a game of football, I'd watch it."
    that’s Hal...not me!
    Go Dolphins (next year)

    ....You say you like Superbowl commercials? are 50 of the best from all time.
     click below and enjoy them again:

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