Monday, February 16, 2015

Cadillac pick up trucks... Porsche suv's??? & Brook Burke

     .....What kind of person buys and drives a Cadillac pick up truck??? Same kind of guy who gets a Porsche SUV??? and coming to your driveway soon...a Roll's Royce SUV???
          I’m sorry...they are both weird to me.  they could put their kids thru college instead...with what that costs em.

       Remember that article I posted(link) abut all the things McDonald's was planning for Valentines Day? 
       Nothing happened.  Can’t even find an explanation anywhere.  Didn’t get a hug from the new cute manager (girl) at my local one!
       I did waltz in there today having heard they were selling Big Macs for “buy one get one” for a penny.  I ordered mine and the bill came to $4.24!  I should have ask them what they were charging.  I could have had four of my chedderburgers & fried onions for that!
       Anyway...I’ll eat one and gold plate the other one and put it by Hal’s gold plated Cohiba cigars he sent me!

    About the pics of the lovely girl above.  Some guys have been salivating over her gas pumping photo a few posts back so I figured a big dose was due (I am to please)...not much good going on about Salena to post anymore!
    Her name is Brook Burke..actress and fitness and she is!

 ....for those of you who care or might be
interested...yes....Florida is warming up (thank god). I am very tired of going for my nightly walks in the bitter cold....dressed like Chicago. 
    I’ll bet the Whistle Ducks from the north are happier now too!

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