Sunday, February 15, 2015

THEY'LL GET ISIS! & a good the link about the Afgan battle.

     ....The blind and deaf MEDIA.                                                                       repost(new link)

    My source a few posts back who is a foreign intel specialist just took part in the elimination of more than one middle eastern terrorist. Media reports have written of a strike in Afghanistan. 

    These same "specialists" are reported to be enroute to another country.
    Where is all the media on this?  Can they not recognize "non-local" fighters when they see them?
    The source said he was inserted by air for that first operation into...and I kidded him that he was too old for that crap and he responded yep, "next time I’ll take the bus!”   Here is the press’s story.   NATO is mentioned but no details on that were given.
    Just as in the Belgium fracas they were also involved in some weeks ago...nobody in the media opens their eyes to see who is actually doing what.  In Belgium all the media said was local elements or some such nonsense did the fighting.  More is going on than you are being told!
   Multi-national forces are already joined and fighting terror on the ground where it is a problem and nobody knows about it?

Here is a good writeup on what happened in Afgahanistan. 

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