Thursday, February 12, 2015

SNL backstage pics thru 40 years! & your Brian Williams "fix".

         We have two clicks for you here.
    ....The first is for you Brian Williams fans (or not) who haven’t had your fix for awhile. 
    It’s long Washington Post article on the ins and outs of the debate.  If you stick with it the last ten paragraphs or so tell the tale and also shows us where a big corporation throws it’s weight around where it doesn't belong! (they bought Universal and NBC and now think they can run it.  Comcast is a damn terrible cable company...wins awards as being the this tells you what a mess this thing (Williams) has been.
    A lot of great NBC News officials from the past are gagging and rolling over in their graves at what Comcast is allowed to do with this Network. RCA, the parent company that owned NBC for decades never interfered in it's operations...ever!  CBS and ABC are toasting the Comcast officials for the butchery of what was an alltime GREAT network!

    ...Then, after that, something light and enjoyable.
    Here’s a bunch of backstage photos etc. thru the years of NBC’s “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE” show.
You’ll remember the characters I’m sure.
    click away:

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