Monday, February 9, 2015

Ghost of Khrushchev warns on Vlad!.... and Keira does Meg Ryan (wow)

...the ghost of a stranger came to me in the night.
I believe it might have been Nikita Khrushchev...former  premier of the Soviet Union...the man behind the Cuban Missile Crises that could have led to all out nuclear war.
   " Mr. Major..I AM Khrushchev...and you are correct..that missile thing in Cuba was a mistake and led to my downfall."
    "But I want to warn you now that you should not provoke Vladimir Putin into a similar  position.  He doesn’t pay attention to his advisers and he may just go ahead and start World War Three on his own".
    “So...please America...beware.”

...and with that big of confusing advice he slipped away...and I tried to slip back into an undisturbed sleep.

    Keira Knightley DOES Meg Ryan!

    click below to see Keira’s version of Meg’s most famous movie scene...the fake orgasm in “When Harry Met Sally”.
    But wait...there’s more! 
    just below the video there are 73...count em...73 pics of Keira!  so if you are like me..a fan of “K” have a glass or two of wine and enjoy clicking over 70 times...too bad most of them are not with the great blond hair I love!

click here:

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