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Julia wearing same shorts I saw her in at Disneyworld Dolphin Hotel...
...the press never found out she was there!
In 1999 our family flew out west to LA and San Francisco to help my stepson, Jeff, check out possible law schools. He chose Loyola Law School and is now a full fledged lawyer in L.A.  Time marches on. 
Please keep in mind I was not a Julia Roberts fan to this time...didn’t particularly like Pretty Woman and hadn’t seen her in anything else. 
My wife and her folks were crazy about a Jewish bakery called  Diamonds on Fairfax near Hollywood.  I dropped them off and parked the car about a block away.
There is a nice little produce store next to the bakery and as I ambled down the sidewalk I noticed this good looking brunette walking out with a bag of goodies.  She stopped at the curb...apparently waiting to be picked up.  As I got near...she turned and looked at me...I looked back. She was vaguely familiar but I couldn’t place the face.   She smiled at me...kinda like  "Well he knows who I am” type response and then a car pulled up and she got in .  Just as I turned to enter the bakery I realized it was Julia Roberts.  I walked inside and told everyone...but of course they didn’t pay much attention...too busy picking out the the goodies for later munching. On top of that they didn’t believe me.

My second encounter with Julia  was in the Dolphin Hotel at Disneyworld a couple of years later.  She had jettisoned Ben Bratt and stole a married man, Dan Moder, for her husband.  They had been married only a couple of weeks earlier at her ranch in New Mexico so I was really surprised that she was at Disneyworld in Orlando.  My son and I were walking to the small cafeteria in the lower level of the Dolphin...but as we approached the seating area my eagle eye spotted this absolutely stunning brunette in beige shorts (great legs) talking to a couple of small children. (I found a pic of her in the beige shorts later and posted it as proof...see above)
Her back was to I couldn’t see her face...but as we passed closely by...very close..(I could have tapped her butt)....I heard her voice and immediately knew it was Julia.  No one else sounds like that! 
She was giving the kids her orders of the day about visiting the Magic Kingdom.
Since Los Angeles I had become a fan...and had devoured several of her films by that favorites were Knotting Hill and Runaway Bride.  Before I could get a beat on the face they turned and walked down the corridor.   I didn’t want to embarrass my son so we continued on into the cafeteria.  After we had ordered some breakfast I excused myself and went to the  house phone and dialed the operator.  There was no “Roberts” registered...but there was a “Moder”(not her husband)....Julia’s new married name. I believe it was her new Step-Father...a big wheel in Hollywood.
Apparently Julia got away with that visit to Disneyworld  in Orlando unnoticed.  Hard to imagine that the tabloids didn’t pick up the story.  My guess is that she wanted to make a good impression on the kids in the Moder family so she brought them all to Orlando.  Or she may have been there with her brother Eric’s daughter...Emma...whom she cares for quite a bit. (Emma, of course, is now a hot teen movie star.)
Anyway...the real question here is how did she get away with going there and not being spotted by the tabs?    Someday I’d like to get verification that she, indeed, was the lovely brunette with the distinctive “Julia Roberts” voice in the cafeteria of the Dolphin Hotel.
My wonderful son, of course, thought his Dad had flipped.

And one final thought on Julia.
I had a webpage to serve the national late night talk show and I did a few car and movie reviews on it.
I had just seen America’s Sweetharts with Julia and John Cusack and Catherine Zeta-Jones...and had written a pretty nice review which was  posted quickly.
I got an IM (instant message) on AOL...from a female that started “hey movie guy”.
She went on to mention that I liked the movie and “you like Julia Roberts, huh?” Then asked me what movie Julia was best in. 
I thought about it and typed “Steel Magnolias”.
“Not Erin Brockovich”.....
“Nope...she was fantastic in Steel Magnolias.”
Then the communication ended.
I thought about that IM for years...and wondered if Julia was testing the response to her new flick American’s Sweethearts by searching the internet for any reviews.
Who ever it was that night...she seemed upset that I didn’t pick EB. 
One wonders. Sorry Julia.

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