Friday, February 20, 2015

Why was the Tonight Show always a day late?


....In telling my son Chris about Roy Rogers’ company holding the patent on the Video Tape reminding me of what the Carson show (Tonight Show) in Burbank had to do when Johnny moved the show to NBC there.
     Johnny Carson would tape his show at about 6 or 7PM LA time so they would HAVE to do it on tape.... otherwise he would have to go live and he refused to do it.
    For years...the Tonight show with Carson always aired a day late. They would do a show and box up TWO copies of it for express shipment to NYC. The copies would be sent on two different jetliners to NYC in case one of the crashed.

    Also...Carson was a chain smoker even during the show. He had a lit cigarette in an big ashtray on a platform you couldn't see on camera...behind him. He
continued to light up during commercial breaks.

    When I was working at the Beverly Hills post office I used to drive out to Burbank to NBC..parked the car and got in the “standby” line for his nightly taping.
    If you don’t dress like a tourist...maybe just a spots coat...they almost always seated you.  I got into to see several show like that.
    Carson was still based in New York City at 30 Rock in 1969 when I was there for my week of orientation before going to Vietnam for NBC News.
    My boss, Russ Tornabene, was taking me around showing me the studios and we stopped at Carson’s office which had caught fire a few weeks earlier.  It was singed pretty good.  Probably caused by his constant smoking.  Maybe not...never found out.

    WHAT’S NEXT?....Cities around the world...getting rid of gas guzzeling cars!

take a look...interesting


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