Monday, February 23, 2015

If at first you don't make it....keep will. The experience of JULIANNE!

    ....From the desk of Ft. Lauderdale casting director Lori Wyman:

     “Back in 1989 I was casting a TV show called BL Stryker starring Burt Reynolds. We were shooting in a sleepy little town called Jupiter, Florida. A young 20's red headed, pale skinned ingenue came down from New York to be a guest star on one of our episodes called...High Rise.”
She had worked on the soap operas The Edge of Night and As The World Turns. She was going to play the love interest of Ricardo Montalban. She was a friendly girl and gave me her New York City phone number in case I ever got up there and needed someone to show me around. Many years later she worked on the set with a friend of mine. He told some of his actor friends that she declared that she was "Going to be a Star." Some of the other actors heard her declaration and laughed. This girl would never be a star, they said. They just couldn't imagine it.
During the early years of her career she went through some hard times. She got divorced from the guy she was married to when I met her. She even had entire years where she didn't work at all. BUT, she kept persevering.
She studied! In 1990, she began working with stage director Andre Gregory on a workshop theatre production of Chekhov's Uncle Vanya. She describes it as "one of the most fundamentally important acting experiences I ever had." The group spent four years exploring the text and giving intimate performances to friends. FOUR years working on 1 theater production!!!!! Can you imagine? That's dedication!
Robert Altman saw her in Uncle Vanya, and was sufficiently impressed to cast her in his next project: the ensemble drama Short Cuts (1993).
From 1993 until now, 2015, she has worked, studied, performed in Television Shows, Feature Films and stage productions. She never lost focus and she never stopped believing that she would be a star.
She kept putting one foot in front of the other and she did the work that she needed to do in order to succeed.
Last night I was watching the Oscars. AND 26 years after meeting her for the first time, Julianne Moore won her first Oscar Award for the feature film STILL ALICE! 
Congratulations to you, Julianne!

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