Thursday, February 26, 2015

We need MORE CHARLIE ROSE ON EVERYONE'S TV!!!..... & do shows sound a bit "funny"? read on

Typical Showcase scene

....some pieces and bits

    I have AT&T cable...I just LOVE the Showcase channel...with 30 minutes of various things like...Winter scenes...Fall...Historical..Hawaii...The Silver State(Vegas etc)...but everytime I put the channel on this guy in a cowboy hat is putting on a show for someone?  He’s the only guy on TV more than asshole Charlie Rose...who seems to be on every channel sometime during the day/night.  He gets paid (I think) to be on PBS with old interviews(boy I could do that for nothing) and probably collects from the Corporation for Public and your tax support for PBS.  Blomberg pays him everyday too. You got to be kidding Rose....get off some of them!  I vote for PBS to dump him! 
    And by the are the CBS morning show ratings since he climbed abroad for big bucks there.  Brian Willians would be a good replacement.  I can’t believe I just wrote that.  Someone toss a going away party for Rose...please!  And send that cowboy back to Nashville or where ever and get him off my Showcase!

                                        those tv shows you’re watching sound a bit funny?
    Back in the red hot days of rock radio...our engineers would speed up the turntables just a tiny bit.  Therefore...our rock records always sounded up a bit compared to our competition.

    Well if “Friends” Courtney or Jennifer sound a bit funny...some tv channels are doing the same thing.  But this is different...they need more time for commercials!  Can you believe that!

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