Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Declare WAR!

   ....As you sleep warmly tonight...I predict that selected anti-terror specialists from several countries are heading to the middle east to join other forces there as Jordan has basically declared war on the offenders.
    These highly trained and carefully selected forces are the elite of countries such as the United States...Great Britain...France...and possibly Germany and others...and will help in the effort to eradicate the butchers who claim they are doing their evil deeds in the name of their God.
    THEY WOULD BE MANY OF THE SAME SOLDIERS WHO HELPED IN THE REVENGE BATTLE IN BELGIUM SEVERAL WEEKS AGO.  Their presence was reported on this blog but ignored by Drudge and others in the media.
    This blog at that time became restricted..to no viewers out of the U.S. and I predict the same will happen this time or worse...perhaps a total shut down because of what I am disclosing.
    It is time, however, for the powers that be in these nations to openly admit this important effort by their countrymen...who  risk harm or worse to restore some kind of peace to the middle east.
    God be with them.
    I hope you slept well and are able to read this.

    How Matt Drudge is trying to force his candidate on  the rest of us.
    Click below:



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