Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kait Parker...the Weather Channel..HOT in the COLD of D.C.! And...click to watch Kait DANCE!!! Wow

      Big Snow storms...East Coast                                                                repost

I worked for years and lived with my parents off and on in suburban Mt. Prospect 

about ten miles from the loop in Chicago.
We had what I guess you can call the “storm of the century” sometime back in the 60’s

Everyone was snowed in...couldn’t go anywhere...and the stores ran out of food so 
there was no use being open.
I persisted in shoveling the snow off our driveway (don’t know why) and by the time 

I got it clear enough more snow would be replacing the snow I just shoveled. 
I finally just gave up.
In Philly..we got hit hard overnight and I had to get into work...I was 

program manager at WWDB The Talk Station (80’s) and was expected to be there 
unsure that anyone else would be.
MY girlfriend had just bought a small Plymouth which, thank god, had the 

new “front wheel” steering capability and I was rolling up and down the small hills
 on the Main Line passing up stuck motorists like you wouldn’t believe.
I got to work before the snow plows did and was thankful Richard Hayes 

our all night talk host was still on site and willing to work. He actually lived on
 Long Island and drove back and forth each day..but he couldn’t get out of our parking
A few others made it in but I gotta say that front wheel drive invention was a 

great one!  

    ...On Kait Parker...on the Weather Channel...I searched for a good pic of her but Goggle really doesn’t have one.  The photo above is ok...but it’s interesting how good she looks live at the weather map...almost “sensual” at times with her moves. She’s nearly too sexy to be on the Weather Channel!  It’s a distraction...and one can’t really take their eyes off her to pay attention to the weather stuff.  I could compare it to that volleyball star in Europe whose coach said he was going to cut her from the team because she was a “sexy distraction”.
    And who’s responsible for the outfits worn by the meteorologists on the Weather Channel?  I’ve never seen such crappy clothes...mainly on the women.
Kait Parker’s deep blue dress yesterday was right on....but drop the six inch heels Kaity...you don’t need them!  
check her out:
Speaking of moves...watch Kait DANCE!


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