Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Holt's ratings are up...Brian Williams are down! & O'Reilly said what?

     Lester Holt’s ratings are up....for NBC Nightly News!
    Must make Brian Williams feel pretty bad.
    Holt is not the “save-all” for the “Nightly” and I’m still rooting for Katie Couric to move into that chair  quickly.  But apparently Katie is scared of losing her “Yahoo” news  job...whatever in the hell that is!
    ...and what’s all the fuss about Bill O’Reilly (FOX news) and his Falklands coverage?
    Well...I didn’t have to lie when covering Vietnam or Cambodia (NBC  News) in 69-70.
    Shit just happened.  Like my report near the Cambodian border...interviewing a Colonel and watching and hearing the NVA firing stuff our way from Cambodia! The sounds are on that report with my other war related goodies on u-tube.
    anyway...here’s the NBC News ratings story:

    and...the link for my Vietnam reports:



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