Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Miami Vice returns home! and it's getting cheaper to fly to Europe than L.A.!

Michael Talbott on my Facebook...tonight(1/20)

“All booked for Ft Lauderdale. Its a go. 
Thanks for promoting it for us....Stan”

His earlier message:

Some Miami Vice folks coming to 
Ft. Lauderdale....
Michael Talbott sent this to my Facebook page...

“Thanks Stan. Doing a personal appearance in Fla...in February.  
The Miami Vice cast, Saundra Santiago, John Diehl, Olivia Brown and I will be appearing at the Shock Pop Comiccon in Ft Lauderdale FL. Feb. 13-15, 2015.”  (click at end of this post for Eddie Olmos in my studio as a guest while filming Miami Vice)

Even Paris is getting cheaper!  
That’s right...all of Europe(except Switzerland) is offering bargains galore...so pack your bags.  And don’t make the mistake I did on my second honeymoon...I screwed up the exchange rate on renting a car...could have had a beut with air but I  settled for a small car with no air.  My wife, Laurie..due to deliver a son in a few months was very good about it...most of the time! And it was a hot summer in Italy I’ll tell ya.  we drove across the alps and down to Milan...and there was nobody there!  Nothing open.  We headed for Florence, Laurie’s favorite, got an air conditions room and had a ball.  Even found some restaurants open !
Anyway...here the latest on a “cheaper” European vacation.  check it out:


Here's the Stan Major Show (rated #1) with guest Eddie Olmos of Miami Vice!



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