Wednesday, February 4, 2015

UPDATED...450PM ET.....Coming to get you for your life!

gone "dark".  that doesn't mean means onto the mission! my source(US) and his fellow travelers joined by the "Brits"  ( others) on sight in Europe...are now headed into the treachous abyss of the middle east with one  goal in mind.  You know what that is.  You can bet Japan is aching to join in the fray after least weeks actions by the crazies....if so (speculation all here) they could join up in Jordan or some other country to firm up their mission.
whatever....may our God go with them!

 (earlier) update on the last post. There is only one overseas view reported by Google(since posting hours ago) and that is from Germany.  Makes sense the German secret services would check the post as they probably have sent a they may have in the Belgium fracas.

You can probably add Japan to the bevy of elite forces headed to the middle east in this new kind of war against terror.  We are not talking about massive troop movements...each individual unit sent probably consists of a half dozen or more (or less) of the best of the elite anti terrors specialists.

It is hard to avoid someone's satellite capturing video of a prisoner being "burned alive".
So...more speculation here...the woman named Maya (CIA agent who tracked and caught Bin Laden
 in movie "Zero Dark Thirty") is no doubt zeroing in on Isis as I write and that's why these elite fighters have been  called to action.

I'd bet they were met at the airport in the same British Range Rovers they saw greeting them in Belgium recently!  Does that give you a hint about my source?

my source just said "post ok"....meaning what I've written yesterday and today is on mark.
now...ISIS...they are coming to get you! and not a moment too soon! 

more from the source....over nighted in Germany or No. Italy...then to head south to Jordan(?)  My guy had a Brit soldier check this blog 2 times within the hour...Google shows nothing but a hit from Italy(?) but of course there no censorship or control...right!

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