Tuesday, December 2, 2014

is this the local officer who stopped Atta the terrorist for speeding?

     ....damn...I forgot to ask the Deputy if HE was the officer who stopped the terrorist Atta for speeding...a week or so...before the NYC attack.

I was checking the mail here late the other night and there was a  squad car with a lone occupant cruising thru...(always glad to see them).
He had stopped for awhile and I approached and tapped on his window and he got out and we had a short chat.
I ask him if he got a break and had a nice Thanksgiving and he thanked me and replied “yes”.
We chatted briefly about the Ferguson situation...then I bid him a good and safe night and headed home.
It didn’t occur to me that I should have asked him if he was the officer who had stopped Mohammed Atta...lead terrorist for speeding a few weeks before the attack. If not he probably knew who did stop Atta and might  have commented on it. 
Oh Well.
   Duck update.....
Headed for the same mail box yesterday afternoon and the two original migrating “whistle ducks” were down on the water very near the sidewalk.  I said “hi whistle ducks” and one of them put a wing out and I realized that these guys were pretty big...and just beautiful.  The wing had a large black area and everything else was lovely brown.
...and while on the subject of wildlife...how about some more Fox pics!
My son Chris is always on the lookout for this kind of photo gallery cause he knows Dad loves em.  
So here we go...and I had no idea there were this many species of Foxes around the world
Click below and enjoy:


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