Friday, December 12, 2014

where's CHINA?... some buying wine tips & Neil & Stan eat fondue!


    ...We seem to be missing China?  Haven’t had a hit or view from China for sometime.  I hope they haven’t shut me down over there.  
I just said I loved Hong was my most favorite city in the world...and I hoped things could be worked out.  Is that enough to get me banned?  I hope not.
We didn’t have any Russian views for awhile but I said something nice about Putin and they came right back.  Lots of Ukraine views however...30 yesterday...but Russia does check us out most of the time.
We lost alot of viewers during the down time of that lightening strike a few months ago...I hope they come back. We miss em!
                                                                  repost what wine to get for the holidays
 I’m not rich and I have to buy wine selectively and so do you...probably.
        I see ladies in the supermarket wine aisle...looking mystified at various bottles and if that’s you here’s some help.
I’m no expert but for good white wine I recommend an inexpensive Sauvignon Blanc...which when chilled in the frig tastes about as good as you can get regardless of price.  i.e. SB is always good whether you pay $3.00 a small bottle Oak Leaf (Walmart) or $12-15 dollars liquor stores or supermarkets.    Another of my favorite whites is hard to find but worth the effort...Chenin Blanc...maybe for more festive occasions.
       The hot white now is Pinot Grigio which you can also get from Oak Leaf(California) at Walmart for under $3.00 a bottle.
For reds the good ole standby can't be beat...Cabernet Sauvignon is still very popular...and I personally like it chilled just a bit but don’t tell anybody.  I usually just pour a glass and stick it in the frig about ten minutes and it tastes really fine but you don’t need to do that.
       The other red that is a bit stronger in taste but really good is Merlot.
   All of these wines (except Chenin Blanc) can be had at Walmart from Oak Leaf Vineyards California for under $3.00 a bottle.
(more coming)

Here’s another taste of Neil Rogers and Stan Major deciding where to eat...we are for fondue!  
Click and listen to double digit rated radio (doesn’t exist anymore)

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