Monday, December 22, 2014

The ATARI or ODYSSEY Games...pong etc. Remember those?

    ...This Christmas reminds me...for some strange reason...of my very first video game gizmo that I had hooked up to the tv back in the early 80’s.  No computers as yet.
I didn’t like or play “pong” which was the big thing.
I played “golf” which IS strange as I never played real golf in my life.  But I loved the Atari or Odyssey “golf” game which was very advanced and precise.  You had to be patient and careful as against the faster games where you simply reacted.
I played that game and played it...and even today I have pleasant thoughts about it.  Wow.  I wonder how today’s “golf” compares...and doubt I could even play the new versions.
The government is still withholding files on the JFK assassination after all these years.
    At least one researcher (most have died) is trying to get the rest released.   Still more files withheld! Can you believe?
click below for the story...and note the side bar with the long list of conspiracies but they left out the E.Howard Hunt trial:

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