Sunday, December 14, 2014

please don't take my DVD's away.I just started to love em!

...The end of the dvd?  well...not overnight.
Thanks....I’m already stuck with about 300 movies on old VCR tape...with two players neither of them 100%!.

....All this makes me unhappy this holiday season.
I guess it is coming and I guess that’s “progress”.
but not for me.
It just seems another way to zap you for more money.
they also say the end of the cable tv era is upon us.
You can read the obit for the dvd here (if you want to)

Where’s a “Blockbuster” when you need one! the dvr is doomed too I guess.  
The problem with the dvr is if you switch to another outfit you just lose all that’s saved in the original dvr.  I assume there’s a way around that but c'est la vie.
The SONY “hack” is something else.  We get a glimpse of the REAL Hollywood...with the sniping and critical stuff of stars, producers and others. You know this kind of thing goes on but are still amazed at it.
I wouldn’t want anyone reading my private emails you can imagine how critical that kind of stuff is to all the big wheels out there.  And the hacker(s) say more stuff is coming.  Drudge can’t wait!  He loves the dirt.
...another Stan Major radio show...this one features two Miami FM personalities as guests...Jim Schulyer & Mark Moseley...lot’s of good comedy bits:

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