Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Where are the decorations? Where are the trees?

...Still not much around here in this big apartment complex in the way of Christmas decorations.  Strange.
Maybe it has been a bad year for some.
Through all my many years of Christmas I never had an artificial tree...only a real one.  Picking one out is a “trip” and a real part of the holiday.
Didn’t go in for outdoor deco's either...just nice stuff on the real tree (in view from the outside...why hide it?) and some stuff on windows etc.  Keep it simple and beautiful.
I remember some years back I was driving in Iowa on a road near the Mississippi River....maybe highway 67 south toward Moline.  It had snowed and everyone’s yard was filled with white.
There was a nice ranch type house on a small hill and it caught my eye.  Nothing outside to defer your attention...but inside at the huge picture window was the most beautifully decorated real tree....and man it was a sight to cherish.  I came to a slow stop and just sat there for a few minutes admiring the view. The white snow right up to the window and the tree.  I wished I’d had a camera so I could have that view forever...but I didn’t.
Anyway...that’s always been my benchmark for the holiday.  Can’t beat it! 
I see lots of nice trees (but not this year) but too much stuff OUTSIDE to hamper the beauty inside.
You all might keep that thought in mind for this next week and in the future.  Beware of making it “gawdy” with bunches of lights outside.  Keep it simple!
     here’s a click to help make your holiday more don’t have to buy anything...but look at the fine pics:

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