Friday, December 19, 2014

Vlad attacks economy instead of Ukraine!...BJ's for gas?

....I like Vladimir Putin!
He’s got a problem with his economy and I’m all for him fixing it. He’s on our CSPAN...he had a long appearance in Moscow today where he answered questions and spoke about what they should do.
He’s ten times smarter than Obama...he’ll figure it out.
Then all he has to do is give me my Father’s well deserved medal for building the airstrips in Persia in the 40’s so our supplies and food could be transshipped to save Leningrad from the Germans!
That would be positive and great PR for you Vlad!  Here’s my email:

Who ever heard of BJ’s having gasoline for sale?
 I made my yearly sojourn to my local mall to check on it’s viability (or not) and since I was there some time ago...BJ’s (like Cotsco) had popped up with a big stand alone building  Beside it..a gas station...a big one with whole bunch of lanes and they all had cars two or even more deep.  I should have checked the price but I’ll do that later when I need some gas.
Another new business in a stand alone big building...Dicks Sporting Goods was open and busy.
Inside the mall it seemed to be like a normal eveing...not the week before Christmas. So I guess the economy has hurt everyone.  I knew there was trouble inside...when I noted the available parking spaces outside.
I was tempted to drive in the next few days to our mega mall...Sawgrass MIlls...that claims more visitors each year then Disneyworld! One doesn’t even have to leave the car there...because their parking lots are usually filled to the brim and you just drive back “empty-handed” as I did this time last year.
I’ll let you know how that goes IF I decide to do it.

....Wine Publix Supermarkets.
Prices on the big (1.5) bottles of delicious Livingston wine from California remain the same...down!  I bought a bottle of Chardonnay (one of their best) for just $5.69 today!
The floor manager, Gary, was checking the prices so I asked him if he was going to raise the prices on the Livingston Wine and he laughed and said “why should I” jokingly.  He also informed me that they DO have Publix Supermarkets in states other than Florida so be on the lookout in your own Publix. Right now I’m having a glass of their Burgundy good red.
Meantime here’s the PUBLIX webpage.  Use the store locater to see if there’s one near you:

...and sadly....
no meg the cop...and no 
kate middleton twin!

...for those of you who are confused by this...just use the search window on this post and put any one of them in and you can catch up!

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